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Book no.1


Matt is sexy, single, and fabulous. His career at a fancy magazine is going from strength to strength. He has great friends, a nice flat, and a healthy bank account. Life is wonderful.

In truth, Matt is unhappy. Convinced he’s not worthy of love, he flits from club to bar, in search of temporary amnesia from the demon on his shoulder that tells him he’s never going to find “the one”. Which is ironic, because his heart already belongs to the one man he knows he can never have—his straight best friend, Zeke.

Zeke has always dated women. He can’t fathom why he’s so upset about Matt’s latest lover, the wildly successful and attractive Dieter, but refuses to accept that he’s jealous, because to do that, he might have to do some soul-searching of his own.

Meeting Dieter turns Matt’s ordered life on its head, and opens Matt’s mind to the possibility that he can make a meaningful connection. However, to take a gamble on love, Matt has to learn to trust people with his secrets. And, more importantly, to overcome his shame regarding the one part of him he refuses to change. If he can’t - or won’t - learn to love himself, it’s doubtful anyone else will see the real man behind the mask.

The only question is whether he’s brave enough.



This time hes the one whose hand needs holding.

The strength of his bond with Matt is the one constant in Zekes life, and it’s supposed to last forever. A desperate plea from an estranged family member sends Zeke into an emotional tailspin. With horror, he can only watch as a past he wants to ignore suddenly threatens his present. Matt feels helpless and can offer little more than supportive words as Zekes world shifts. He’s already balancing a ridiculously stressful job and the unexpected full time parenting of the son he loves but doesn’t really know. Abruptly, he has to be the strong one, but can he be the anchor Zeke needs?


Evergreen Council Book 1

Who is the antsy, beautiful guy in my passenger seat? Or rather, what is he?
Wrongly accused of murder and running for his life, Charley took a chance on the hot stranger with a fast car. He didn’t expect the gorgeous Luc to have any insights into Charley’s increasingly strange symptoms. He certainly didn’t expect to learn the fantastical stories he’d heard as a child were true. And he definitely didn’t expect to feel so strongly for someone he only just met.
Luc’s impulsive offer has landed him in charge of a sexy, enticing, not entirely human someone. Charley might have vampire blood. Surely that should make him less attractive and not more? But the mysterious Charley is irresistible, addictive even. Luc is determined to protect him from anyone and anything…mortal or otherwise.
Fang’d is the sexy first book in the Evergreen Council series, featuring a bratty half-vampire on the run, his stubborn wolf-shifter protector, and a fascinating world of supernatural beings hiding in the shadows. HEA. Standalone.

Book no.2
Book no.3
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